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John-Paul Ennis


Project Co-ordinator

John-Paul Ennis has been involved in London CLT as a local campaigner and steering group member since 2015 and joined the staff team to support the work we do with our community steering groups across London.

He is a member of the Christchurch Road Steering group and one of the co-founders of the initial campaign to bring a community land trust to Lambeth, where he has lived his whole life and where his family is from.

John-Paul started the campaign in 2015 (while still at school), which was formed out of a real lived experience of housing need. It came out of the need for a solution to unaffordable house prices in the area that would ensure that people like him had no hope of staying in the place they call home.

Just last year John-Paul negotiated on stage in front of thousands with the Mayor of London to get funding released for community-led housing.


He brings 7 years of community organising and local campaigning experience to the team through being on the London Citizens Leadership Team, John-Paul was recently elected in 2022 as a local councillor for Brixton North with Lambeth Council.

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