136 Cavell Street Whitechapel London E1 2JA

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London Citizens' CLT Limited is a community benefit society registered with the FCA Company number IP30238R, registered office 136 Cavell Street, London, E1 2JA.

Lianna Etkind

Campaigns Manager


Lianna is the Campaigns Manager at London CLT and is responsible for devising campaign strategies and training local people in what CLT homes are and what building them entails. Her role also involves working with local people to get CLTs built in their borough and for linking up CLT campaigns across London to learn from one another and organise London-wide actions.


Previously, Lianna worked at the Campaign for Better Transport and at Transport for All, campaigning for a fairer, more sustainable public transport system. She’s particularly proud of leading the Accessible Crossrail campaign, bringing older and disabled transport users together to win £33m of station lifts on the Elizabeth Line.  Lianna holds an MA in Community Organising from Queen Mary University of London.

Lianna currently lives in Lewisham, having left Brixton due to rising rents there. She hopes that the London CLT model can inspire other cities to develop urban CLTs, so that more people can enjoy housing security and afford to live close to family, friends and community.