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Citizens House


“I’ve spent the last decade bouncing around flats in London, lodges and houseshares and it’s felt like I’ve had to keep my life packed up, or at least ready to move. Now that I have a secure home I’ve been able to lose the boxes and also organise my flat to suit my needs. It is so liberating to have a home that provides space for me to live, work and keep my connection to the community, and indeed build it stronger."


“I remember a few years back I got lost cycling home in Lewisham and found myself cycling into dead end streets full of derelict parking garages. I’d just moved home and it drove me mad seeing such a bad use of space, when we need more homes. I am so happy now to be in a home that has taken a space like that and made it into modern, affordable housing."


“I’m really glad that my home is not just affordable now, but will stay an affordable home, with a price linked to local incomes. I don’t want to have to change jobs just to stay in London and keep my links to my local community - a decent home at a fair cost seems extraordinary, but it should be the least we can expect."

Learn more about Citizens House here.

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