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Get involved in London CLT!

Get involved

There are several ways you can get involved and support the work of the London CLT

1.     Become a CLT Resident - We are open for applications from 28th September 2021

We are allocating 11 homes in Lewisham in 2021.

Further updates on how to apply will be posted through our member newsletter and here.

2.    Job Opportunities

London CLT is looking to take on a new board Chair in 2021. We are not currently recruiting staff but may to do so later in 2021. Please watch this space for more details or email info@londonclt.org for an update.


3.     Become a member


If you would like to become a member please click the green 'Become a member' button above and complete the registration form.  It currently costs £1.22 to become a member online. The membership share has a nominal value of £1 and added to this is a 22p contribution to the costs of the administration (to Stripe payment platform) of registering you as a member.  You will be asked to explain which of the three classes of membership you are applying to join which will either be 'Resident', 'Community' or 'Stakeholder'.

The application form has more details to help you decide which to select.  The full criteria for admission of members is published in our Annual Report.

Members are bound by the Rules that can be found here.  Rule C2.2 allows the Board to charge members for the costs of holding the AGM, but current practice is that no further charges are made to members.

Being a member gives you: access to our newsletter updates, the chance to vote at our AGM and eligibility to apply for London CLT board membership.

3.     Invest in the London CLT 


         Email info@londonclt.org for more details

4.     Volunteer

We are looking to build a base of regular volunteers. The volunteer support we need is likely to change as we grow. If you are interested in volunteering or feel you have a particular skill that could support London CLT please send your CV and a brief covering letter to Hannah at info@londonclt.org


Areas of interest would be as follows:

  • Construction

  • Housing development

  • Development finance

  • Events (additional support around key dates)