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The Board is democratically elected from the membership of London CLT, with one third of board members retiring each year at the Annual General Meeting. One third of the board is drawn from existing and prospective residents, one third from community representatives and the remaining third from stakeholders with particular professional experience. The board is elected from and by our membership; any member can stand for election.  The board is legally responsible for London CLT.


Some members of the Board are pictures below, but the full list of members is: Paul Regan (Chair); Theresa Broome (Treasurer); John Hayward (Secretary); Janet Emmanuel; Dave Smith; Matthew Bolton; Daniel Wilson-Dodd; Rupesh Varsani; John Clifton; Suzanne Gorman; Juliet Can; Daniel Granberg; Razia Khanom; Marcel Reinard and Bethan Lant.


136 Cavell Street Whitechapel London E1 2JA

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London Citizens' CLT Limited is a community benefit society registered with the FCA Company number IP30238R, registered office 136 Cavell Street, London, E1 2JA.