CLTs are a growing movement in the UK and other countries around the world, we have created this resources page as a reference point for those interested in CLTs and their development.

References to partner organisations who are supporting the development of CLTs in London and the UK are listed below.

We would love your feedback here or in the comments below to make this page as useful as possible. 

To express interest in a tour of St.Clement's email (tours are not regular due to limited capacity). If you are interested in contacting us for an interview you will be asked to volunteer some time in kind.

Our Resources:


Briefing on London CLT

London CLT's Housing Allocations Policy

Reading List

A Guide for Organising to Access Land for CLTs.

Introductory Video on CLTs


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London Citizens' CLT Limited is a community benefit society registered with the FCA Company number IP30238R, registered office 136 Cavell Street, London, E1 2JA.