Scylla Road, Peckham and Nunhead


This project started as a campaign back in 2016 and has been led by the community steering group (CSG) ever since. It traces its origins back to 2015 when local people from Peckham Citizens launched their 1,000 voices campaign, inviting the people of Peckham to discuss what they viewed as the key issues affecting their area. In November 2016, Peckham Citizens Founding Assembly took place with over 330 local people, and its campaign for CLT homes was launched. Since the official formation of the steering group, they have met over 50 times to discuss and work towards developing CLT homes in Southwark.


The Scylla Road CSG finished 2020 and started 2021 tentatively. While we had the exciting news of an in-principle offer of land from Southwark Council, we were in the middle of the pandemic and were not sure how to make this news public without being able to knock on our neighbours’ doors and speak with them face to face. We wanted to make sure the message about our site was a positive, community-owned one, that included anyone who wanted to be involved, and didn’t spark any negative reactions. How did we overcome this challenge? The short answer is we didn’t. We waited. And a small, core team continued to meet on Zoom in the meantime. This is important as it highlights the less glamorous, but essential work that those most committed members do. There are moments in the process of getting a CLT delivered that are a grind. This grind makes possible the moments of magic that we all enjoy so much. And, as lockdown eased, our patience paid off. We went public about the site, with many friends and neighbours in support. Our steering group has since met regularly with the design team about the plans for the site and we have held our first big public engagement event in March 2022 to discuss our ideas with the wider community. We had over 50 people attend from all walks of life who managed to input into the design and ideas for the site, with some signing up to become new steering group members! Then, in July 2022, we had a second public engagement event where about 70 local community members had chance to give their feedback on revised plans.

View the proposals for the Scylla Road CLT homes and community garden here.

What next? We’ll be running a workshop in the local primary school to help local children be involved in the process. Formal funding and land agreements with the GLA and Southwark Council will be completed over the summer and early autumn. So hopefully no more patient waiting in 2022 – we want this year to be one full of action.

If you would like to get involved here, please get in touch via email:

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Video from World CLT Day (October 2021):
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