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Citizens House

"I am 33 years old and have lived in my family home in Forest Hill since I was born. I have worked at a local primary school for over 10 years and through my work I’ve built a strong connection to my local community. I have spent my whole life saving up in the hopes that I would be able to move out and stay in the area, close to my mum and close to the job that I love, but as soon as I started looking, I realised that the prices of property in the area were something I would never be able to afford on my salary. My only options were to rent an apartment that I couldn’t afford and watch my savings disappear, or to move out of London, away from my friends, family and community.


“In 2022 when I stumbled upon the Citizens House CLT I almost didn’t apply as it seemed too good to be true, but I’m so thankful that I did. One year later and I have just moved into my dream apartment, a short walk from both my job and my family home. It’s warm, modern, energy efficient and getting to know my neighbours before even moving in has been an added bonus! I am eternally grateful to the London CLT and I hope that more projects can be green lit to help others that are in the same situation."

Learn more about Citizens House here.

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