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Community steering group members from across London, May 2022. Photo © Ian Miles for NCLTN

Get involved

There are several ways you can get involved and support the work of the London CLT.

Become a member

Join to receive updates on our projects across London and learn about opportunities in your local area. Click here to register to become a member. It currently costs £1.22 to become a member online.

Being a member gives you:

  • Access to our newsletter updates,

  • The chance to vote at our AGM, and

  • Eligibility to apply for London CLT board membership.

Members are bound by the Rules which can be found here. Please note that although rule C2.2 allows the Board to charge members for the costs of holding the AGM, current practice is that no further charges are made to members.

Become a CLT Resident

All of our homes are currently occupied. We have more detail on our allocations process and eligibility requirements here.
We have many projects in progress across London, with about 150 homes in the pipeline. Please join London CLT as a member to hear about updates on each of our projects, including when any homes become available.

Volunteer & join a project

Email us if you'd like to get involved with one of our projects in your local area. Let us know if you are involved with another community-led project or know a local group campaigning for affordable housing.

We are open to other volunteer support, but the support we need will vary. If you are interested in volunteering or feel you have relevant skills that could support London CLT please send your CV and a brief covering letter to

Job opportunities

Click here to view our job opportunities page.

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