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St Clements


Wow, I am officially on the property ladder! It still feels slightly surreal. I suppose owning your own home is always something most of us dream about – but it was always something in the future. After graduating from Manchester, with my pharmacy degree in hand, I moved back down to the good old South – London! Then friends started to buy homes, which was still distant for me. I started applying for jobs outside of London in the hope that I’d be able to buy a home elsewhere.

I love London, especially East London where I was born and raised – a true Cockney by birth. It is where I have grown up and it is where my family are. It is where my church family are. It is home. So why couldn’t I afford to live here? I have a degree, I have a secure job, I have a deposit, but to no avail!

I’d been sharing a flat since I moved back. There are lots of great things about the flat – the landlady was good, it was a good space for movie nights, dinners, and for just general chit-chat. But it wasn’t ‘home-home’. Then, maintenance started happening and the rent started going up. If that wasn’t enough, the mice started coming, and coming!

I had to move home for a few months. We bared living with 10-years worth of my stuff. It was fine, as I am now a resident of St Clement’s, plus mum and dad are still only a 10-minute walk away, or a quick drive for those last minute needed ‘drive thru’ bits and bobs. It is so nice being able to have people over whenever, being able to have space where people can come over and can feel relaxed and at home, in my home. The record number of people I’ve had round my dining table to date is currently 11. Next, let’s see how many can I fit in for a movie night! Everyone is so excited for me. I am excited. Without the CLT the opportunity to be able to have something that I can call home would not be possible!

Learn more about St Clements here.

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