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Brasted Close is an 11 home, 100% affordable project in Sydenham, Lewisham, and is London CLT's first direct development. The campaign for genuinely and permanently affordable homes is led by Lewisham Citizens, part of Citizens UK, who helped set London CLT up. The campaign began back in 2014, and is scheduled to be finished in the latter half of 2020.


The campaign began with people in Lewisham talking about what challenges local people were faced with. A lack of affordable homes came up time and time again. Community-led, permanently affordable homes in the form of a community land trust was selected as a campaign priority, and Lewisham Citizens asked then East London CLT to expand its remit and start taking members from south of the river. Lewisham Citizens held a big meeting with over 350 people prior to the local elections in 2014 and persuaded the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, to work with local people to deliver CLT homes in the borough

Steve Bullock committed to delivering a CLT in the borough, and after extensive community site walks and a local membership drive, London CLT and Lewisham Citizens obtained a statement of intent, outlining in writing that ‘The Council is committed to working with London CLT and Lewisham Citizens to deliver a CLT in Lewisham’ and that ‘specific potential sites are being discussed.’

On 23 March 2016, all their hard work paid off. Having considered an officer report, and a presentation by the Cabinet Member for Housing, the Mayor agreed that the garage site on the Brasted Close estate, Sydenham, should be declared surplus to the Council’s requirements and that officers would work with the London CLT and Lewisham Citizens for a period of twelve months to develop a fully affordable housing scheme for the site. To see the full minutes of the decision go to item 391.

Through a competitive procurement process we recruited Archio as our architectural partner. Together with the rest of the design team, a design was put together with local people through over 50 meetings, workshops, door-knocking sessions and other events. 

Since then, the new Mayor Cllr Damian Egan has reiterated the council's support for the project.

The design was submitted for planning in June 2018, and the team received planning permission in April 2019. See here for the planning permission.

Nano McCaughan of South London Citizens shares her story of the campaign:

“Four years ago, in May 2014 Lewisham Citizens made the first approach to the Mayor of the Borough, Sir Steve Bullock at an Assembly of 400 Lewisham Citizens, to request the Council to provide us with some land on which to build some CLT homes. He responded positively if cautiously to that request, which it fell to me to make, and after many explanatory meetings first with Mayor and Councillors, and later with Council officials, we were granted a garage site in Sydenham, part of a council housing estate.  


We made overtures to the residents and neighbours, and gradually built up a steering committee to help us with the plans, they chose an architects team, who also were very community orientated, and in May 2018 our plan went to the Council. We... are delighted with the beautiful, thoughtful plan our team have finalised and shown to the residents.”


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London Citizens' CLT Limited is a community benefit society registered with the FCA Company number IP30238R, registered office 136 Cavell Street, London, E1 2JA.